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Knives and scissors


This is the newest line of De Luca Coltellerie offering a wide range of choice.

It is ideal for general everyday use as well as for a more professional usage with exclusive advantage of competitive prices.

The packaging, of the unmistakable and distinguishing Linea Super design are covered in blister to avoid undesidered openings.


This isn’t simply a series of cutlery, but rather a precious kit of working tools, highly professional and of proven resistance.

The blades are tempered to a strenght of above 55 HRG.

The handles are handcrafted.

The packaging is both elegant and pratical: draw-out bags and cases allow the product to be directly appreciated from the moment of purchase.


This complete line of indiscutable resistance, studied to guarantee an ultraprecise cut; is an excellent choice for professional use.

It is offered in a modern an extremely functional packaging for an impeccable presentation in the shop.

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For more information on household , personal care items , scissors and pruning tools for agriculture consult our catalogues or contact us directly !